Zielona Góra Old & New Borders , Google Maps Needs Updating

Like all cities, Zielona Góra have grown, but in 2014 there was a Poll, and a question was put to vote, whether or not to add all the small villages around the city into the city or not.
These villages were considered the “gmina Zielona Góra”, and were  comprised of Barcikowice, Barcikowiczki, Drzonków, Jany, Jarogniewice, Jeleniów, Kielpin, Krepa, Krepa Mala, Lezyca, Lugowo, Nowy Kisielin, Ochla, Przydroze, Przylep, Racula, Stary Kisielin, Stozne, Sucha, Zatonie and Zawada.

After the option to join the city won, and starting January 1, 2015 the gmina is now considered a subdivision of the city. Thus the old map of gmina Zielona Góra is now considered the map of the city of Zielona Góra.

Google did not get the memo, for Google when you search for Zielona Góra, you end up with a map with the old borders, and this needs to be changed, because unless it’s google maps official, it’s never official!