New Coronavirus COVID-19 reached Zielona Góra

Reports that there have been a first case of Coronavirus discovered in Poland, and this individual is currently in Zielona Góra hospital – article in polish.

In details, a patient who had coronavirus symptoms contacted a health care professional. Inspectors concluded that the symptoms may indicate infection, which is why a special ambulance has transported him to the hospital in Zielona Góra

The person got infected in Germany, thus it’s an imported case, and no local spreading so far. But there are currently 4 individuals being quarantined and 97 being under observation and tested.

He is a resident of Cybinka. He returned from Germany by bus, got off in Świecko. Took his private car to his place of residence. He had contact only with two family members. Sanitary services have a list of people who traveled by bus with the infected man. He was a resident of the Lubuskie in the bus. Information about the other passengers was sent to those places in the country where other passengers come from.

Look out for the symptoms, and if you notice them call emergency lines, do not visit doctors and expose patients!

Typical symptoms:
Cough, fever and difficulty breathing.


Stay Safe.

In case of lack of face masks, do one yourself: