Holi, Festival of colors in Zielona Góra

This Sunday i experienced for the first time the Holi festival in Zielona Góra, Holi festival is a Hindu festival that takes place in March, but the polish equivalent is a just for fun none religious festival of coulours and depends on the organizers chosen date /per city.

The festival started around 5:00 PM, and even though i arrived 2h later, there was still a lot of people.

This event took place in an empty parking lot near the CRS pool, there was music, dancing, free hugs and lots of colors, young and old had fun …

It is nice to see the youth exposed to such an openness, and willing to celebrate a none polish tradition.

What was even better was the confusion in the old ladies eyes when they saw these young colored people on the road afterwards.

free hugs

My only observation would be: the color bags are way too expensive for the youth, i was expecting something around 5 PLN per bag of colors, but was surprised that it actually cost 15 PLN for a bag that have roughly 100g of colored powder.