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First Lemonade Stand in Zielona Góra

The other day, i came across a lemonade stand, it was a hot day. The young man pictured above, was parking his lemonade bike 10 to 20 m from the big bakhus statue in the middle of the city.

During my several year residence in the city, it is the first i come across a Lemonade stand, and to be honest, it is pretty professional looking.
I give special importance to lemonade stands, because basically it’s often the first step towards entrepreneurship.

What impressed me about this Lemonade stand is that it checked positive to (almost) all the tips i gave in my post : business lessons to learn from a kid’s lemonade stand.

1- Location: The guy was in the center of the city, there’s no place with higher foot-traffic in the entire city.

2- Being Visible: The oranges, and lemons on the stand were arranged in a nice way, anyone from 60m away can figure out in less than a second what he was selling.

3- Advertising: The Stand was actually a cart and had a beautiful design, and the word Lemoniada (Polish for lemonade) was printed everywhere on the cart, as you can see in the picture. Add to that, the guy had an easel next to him with name of the juices he offer and the price.

4- Cross-sell : This point he did not really cover, but he was offering alternatives: lemonade but also lemon juice.

5- Go to the clients: the fact that it’s a lemonade cart, means he can move it and be wherever it’s busy, whether it’s a football match, a speedway race or simply a busy street.

On a final note, this looks pretty professional, i don’t know if the guy is an employee, or a young entrepreneur but either case, it was worth writing about.