Register your SIM card before you lose your mobile number

If you are a foreigner living in Poland, chances are that you have a credit based mobile phone number. Unlike in some other EU countries, in Poland, buying a credit based mobile number required absolutely no kind of personal identifications. 

Recently, a new law entered in execution, the law is an anti-terrorism initiative, requiring all the credit based SIM cards to be registered, failing to do so before February leads to the blocking of the SIM, furthermore, any newly purchased SIM card needs to be registered to become active.

Here’s my experience with “PLUS”

One day, I got the SMS from PLUS inviting me to go to one of their points to register my number.

So to register my first SIM card, I went to the “Plus” point in Focus Mall, it was before noon, the guy working there told me that the system was not ready and that I should come later. So, I said i would pass-by another day, and so I did, this time it was possible to register. To register you will need the serial number of the card, which probably you do not know, so to get the serial you can call a phone number they give you, where they ask you some questions related to how much credit you have and when was the last time you charged your credit … 

I also had a second card which I bought recently with some free internet access, luckily, for this SIM, I had the serial number. So I went again to the same “Plus” point, again I had to come later, because the system was not ready, eventually I did. 

Fast forward, my wife has also a credit based sim, so yeah, she too had to register, and well, I let you guess what she was told when she tried to register her sim … Yeah … the system was not read, and she had to come later.